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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Had this wrapped up for Matt to open when he got home.
It was in a Belk box. He thought he was getting a new pair
of swim shorts~! I even hid the video camera and his reaction
was on tape! It was priceless!!
~Abb and me~ We used this shirt to tell my family the news!
~Baby Brown at 7 weeks~ "For this child, we have prayed."
1 Samuel 1:27
~12 weeks~
~13 weeks~
~14 weeks~
~15 weeks~
~16 weeks~
~17 weeks~

Been alot going on since the last post!! We had a wonderful summer, went to the beach and the river, shopped! I enjoyed being off for the summer! We also found out on Memorial Day weekend that we ARE GONNA HAVE A BABY! We are so excited and can't wait for February 2nd to get here!!! We tried for over a year!! I was on medicine, we had many tests done, but we knew it was not in our hands! We had to trust God with our life and with whatever his plan might be! When we finally just layed it all over to God he granted us our hearts desires!!!! I'll be 18 weeks on Wednesday and Thursday we find out if it's a BOY OR GIRL! Our first appointment the baby's heart rate was 130 the second time it was 150 and the last time we went it was 140! Dr. Lacy said we have a very active baby. She had a time trying to find the heart rate cause it was moving everywhere! I just have a feeling we are going to have a boy! My dad would LOVE to have grandson with all these girls in the family !! But we will be happy with which ever! I have had an easy pregnany so far! I haven't been sick at all! I have felt great!! My fibromialgia has kicked in alot more than it was before! Most of my doctor's said you usually feel your best with the pain from fibro. when your preganant but NOT ME! My joints and all hurt pretty bad, I pretty much just have to deal with it! Other than that I have been very fortunate and blessed! I will post this week on the sex of the baby!!! Cant wait !! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

~Easter 2010~

matt & me
mom, rae abb and me
Abb tired of taking pictures
~All of us~
Jade, Ab & me
~Rae & Justin's wedding~ me and abb
~Mr. & Mrs. Dove~
dad, rae & mom
mom & rae
Reh. dinner~mom, me & dad
me & mom Rae's Shower hosted by: Christy, me & Jen
Wow its been 8 months since I have last posted! That is terrible! Goes to show you how fast time flies by! I guess this rainy weather has slowed us down a little bit. We were able to relax~ something we haven't done in forever! Lets see what is going on....In August I started working at Stokes Beard Elementary School in kindergarten and absolutely LOVE IT!!! The only disappointment is that our summer doesn't start until June 20th! But at least I get a few weeks off right??!! In March my little sister got married. It was hard seeing her walk down the aisle; it still seems like I was driving her to softball practice : ( ! Her and Justin had a beautiful wedding and she looked gorgeous as always! My niece Abbi Rae (you know I have to talk about her she is my LIFE) is getting so big! She is into everything and talking up a storm~! Softball is in full swing~ Matt just started playing softball with the church. Drew is playing also! We love going to watch Drew play, he is a great ball player just like his daddy and Matt! Well that is about it for now. Matt just got home with the pizza and a movie! Here are a few pictures: EnJoY~!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summmer fun

Congratulations Richard and Jenna!!!!!!!! ~KAYLEE BROOKE LYLE~

~Abbi and Karlie playing~
~Bunko shower I had for Jenna~

~Diaper cake I made~

~YAH!!! Kellie Nickels is the next person to have a baby in our Bunko group, uh o who's next??~ ~My bestest friend~ ~Me and my precious neice Abbi~
~She's gettin so big~
~Rae and Abbi~
~Me and my wonderful mommy~
~My wonderful daddy, me and MY wonderful husband also!~
~sis & me~

~Karlie & Drew~

~If u know me u know that i HATE hats, because it messes up my banes but had to do it! These are awful but it's a once in a lifetime event!~

Ok I know it's been forever and the Easter post is gettin a little annoying to look at!! haha Ok so good news in May, I finally graduatd (YAH)! Seems like I was in college forever!! Now the hard part...looking for a job!! But it is a big accomplishment!!! Anyway, we have had a great summer so far! Me, Matt, mom , dad, my siter and little niece loaded up and went to Destin at the end of June and had a blast! Miss Abbi just loves the water we had so much fun with her!! We have also been going to my parents camp house when we have a chance.. I told Matt our next BIG purchase needs to be a sea-do. My dad sold their's to Richard and Jenna last summer, I didnt realize how much I missed it till July 4th weekend...(Jen u may have to sale it back to us!) Anyway, a few weeks ago I went with Kelly Brown (my sister in law) and her kiddos, Drew and Karlie (and also Jennifer Caldwell's kid's) Mary Grace and Sarah to Geyser Falls we spent the night in Philidelphia and then spent the next day at the water park! The kids had a blast! Karlie now calls me "CA" haha its so cute but im hoping she can call me jess or something, she'll yell "CA CA CA CA" and I forget thats my name! Karlie just started at ABC and Me and Drew is about to be in 2nd grade! I cant believe how fast time flies by!
Just in case your wondering how Abbi's doing...she is almost 9 months old, weighing 16 pounds, has 2 teeth coming in and eatin baby food! She has learned to roll over..Last week she rolled off my sister's bed and hit her head, my siter just about had a duck. She rushed her to the doctor and they did x-rays. She had a few bruises but she was fine! I told my sister that its not gonna be the last time stuff like that happens! (just glad it wasnt me keepin her)
Also, my bestest friend in the whole entire world had her sweet baby last week!! Richard and Jenna welcomed Kaylee Brooke Lile into the world on July 24th @ 11:32 pm . She weighed 6 lbs and 12 oz she was 20 and 3 quaters in. long... She is absolutely precious! Jenna and Richard are wonderful parents and I am so happy for them! Jenna is doing great and enjoying every minute of being a mommy! Well thats about it for now here a few pictures from the summer, hope everyone has a wonderful week!! Ill try and do better @ posting..